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Anders Heating Company (AHC) are specialists in design and installation of underfloor heating (UFH) services for both private and commercial customers. As a family company we specialise in complete underfloor heating (UFH) solutions for your home.
Anders Heating Company (AHC) engineers (are fully trained and qualified with a wealth of experience in installing a variety of underfloor heating (UFH) systems) Their skills are based on extensive experience of underfloor heating installations, commissioning and servicing of these system. Our service provides quality and professional design, installation and maintenance requirements and for your home or new build property.

For a Free Underfloor heating quote send your enquiry to Faith Wall in our Underfloor Heating Department at ufh@andersheating.co.uk or to discuss your requirements please call us on 01844 281900.


How Does Underfloor Heating Work?

Underfloor heating works by circulation or warm water through a network of pipes which have been laid under the floor surfaces. Anders Heating use REHAU which are made from smooth lined PE-Xa cross linked polyethylene, with a life expectancy of well over 50 years.

We also use another well-known underfloor heating (UFH) manufacture John Guest. They have a commitment you quality that has led to them receiving prestigious awards from many of the world’s leading testing and approvals organisations.

The floor area acts as one big heating element, the temperature of the water circulating in the system can be kept much lower, ideal for the latest high efficiency condensing boilers and heat pumps, which give maximum savings from low return water temperatures.

Underfloor heating eliminates temperature variations throughout a room as the pipe work covers the entire floor area.


UNDERFLOOR HEATING – The future of home heating

Underfloor heating is the most comfortable and efficient way to heat a house and offers many benefits over more conventional methods of heat distribution, particularly when utilized with a renewable technology. The diagram below shows the difference between wasted heated energy on a conventional system compared to the efficiency of Underfloor heating (UFH).




  • The surface area of the floor gently and evenly radiates heat into the room creating a comfortable and consistent temperature throughout.
  • The even distribution of heat eliminates hot spots, draughts and cold areas, common with conventional heating.


  • Because the whole floor is evenly heated, a constant temperature is achieved throughout the room. Underfloor heating can reduce heating costs by up to 30% compared to radiator heating.
  • Underfloor heating provides the heat only where it is required – it doesn’t waste energy heating used areas. (e.g. high and vaulted ceilings)


  • Underfloor heating eliminates the necessity for radiators. This will create maximum wall space providing flexibility when designing your room layout.
  • With underfloor heating each room will be fitted with a thermostat for individual temperature, or time and temperature control, saving energy in all areas in the home, particularly areas of low use.


  • As underfloor heating gives a radiant heat, it reduces the amount of dust circulation within the room. This provides cleaner and less allergenic air, essential for people with respiratory problems such as Asthma.
  • Underfloor heating is also beneficial to sufferers of circulatory conditions such as Raynauds, as a constant temperature is always maintained.


We specialise in complete underfloor heating solutions for your property.

When choosing AHC to install your UFH system we will supply you with:

  • A full design and specification for you project
  • Your underfloor heating plan is then drawn using Computer Aided Design technology (CAD) to tailor the installation to your exact requirements
  • The highest quality installation to BSEN1264 requirements
  • Filling and sign off certificate
  • Full commissioning of your system with certification
  • After care service
  • Underfloor Heating Warranty

We are so confident in our Rehau products, Anders Heating Co. Ltd can supply a 10 year Rehau warranty on REHAU RAUTHERM Universal PE-Xa pipe and compression sleeve fittings. This not only covers replacement of any REHAU component found to be defective, but also offers consequential loss and reinstatement cover. So you can relax in the knowledge that Anders Heating will deliver the most comprehensive underfloor heating service in the South East.

We use only the highest quality products in our installations. Rehau is the industry leader in polymer PE-Xa piping used for durability and heating effectiveness. Their reputation has been hard earned by providing the building and construction industry with high quality products for over 40 years. Anders Heating is proud to be a leading partner with Rehau.


Rehau & John Guest underfloor heating is a favoured choice for industry professionals. Practical, cost-effective and flexible, Underfloor heating is increasingly being specified over traditional radiator systems and establishing a reputation as the preferred modern-day heating solution.

Rehau & John Guest underfloor heating systems are particularly adaptable and can be installed in both old and new buildings under a wide range of floor coverings including screed, flagstones, tiles, carpets, rugs, laminates and solid wood.

Floor systems we provide include:
 Rehau Easy Heat System
 Rehau Tabs Systems (Heating and Cooling throughout ceiling concrete Slabs)
 Rehau & John Guest Tacker Sheet System
 Raufix/Railfix System
 Rehau & John Guest Industrial Floor System
 Rehau & John Guest Diffusion Plate System
 Rehau & John Guest Floating Floor System
 Rehau Sprung Floor System

Please call us to discuss your heating requirements and refer to the technical section for more detail on specification of floor systems.

UNDERFLOOR HEATING – Technical Information

REHAU Tacker Sheet System – Suitable for solid screeded floor types
A system where significant time and costs savings are achievable during installation by combining previously separate installation steps into one.

REHAU RAUFIX/Railfix System – Suitable for solid screeded floor types
This system ensures that uniform circuit patterns are easily achieved and simplifies the installation process in large areas. The underfloor heating circuits may be laid in the double meander pattern, which gives an even spread of heat.

REHAU Diffusion Plate System – Suitable for timber floor systems. Designed specifically for timber joist floor applications.

REHAU Floating Floor System – Suitable for timber floor systems
This dry system is ideal for installations where a finished floor is required within a minimum time frame. No wet trades are involved, making it a very fast system to install and removes the need for other building trades.

REHAU Sprung Floor System – Suitable for gymnasiums and sports halls
This system is ideal for installations in areas where an impact resilient floor is required and which are predominantly used for physical, such as sports halls.


Rehau Rautherm universal pipe is made from Cross Linked Polyethylene, with a co-extruded EVAL oxygen diffusion barrier. Cross linking is the process of linking molecules in the polyethylene, giving much improved physical properties. REHAU was one of the pioneers of this process.

Rehau Rautherm universal pipe has exceptional physical properties including:

  • Resistance to stress crack formation;
  • Outstanding long term stress rupture resistance at high temperatures, up to 105°C;
  • Exceptional thermal ageing resistance;
  • Kink resistance and kink damage resistance;
  • Chemical resistance and completely non-corroding;
  • Resistance to scale build-up;

Pipe Specification Rehau Rautherm universal pipe and the underfloor heating system are fully tested to BS 7291, listed in the WRAS (Water Regulations Advisory Scheme) directory and are BBA approved.

  • Working pressure – 6 bar at 95°C – BS 7291
  • Maximum flow temperature 105°C at 3 bar
  • Recommended for nominal flow temperatures up to 83°C
  • Operating pressure of 3.5 bar complying to Class S

Our Underfloor Heating service covers the following checks on your system:

1. The Water Quality in in the pipework.
2. Check that a 2 Port Zone Valve has been fitted and a visual inspection of system.
3. Check that the High Limit Stat is set correctly.
4. Manifold checked and insuring it is correctly piped for flow and return.
5. Flow rates set as per design and flow meters checked that they are moving freely.
5. Check that all actuators open the correct circuits
6. Checking the boiler fires correctly
7. Inhibitor levels checked
8. Thermostats and control checks to ensure they are operating the correct actuators.

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