MVHR (Mechanical Ventilation Heat Recovery) units

The MVHR unit is a compact air handling unit that delivers efficient ventilation with highly efficient heat recovery, as well as cooling recovery for hot summer days.

The unit is very clever but also very simple. It draws in fresh air from outside, while at the same time extracting stale air from within the house. As the fresh air and stale air travel through the counter-flow heat exchanger inside the unit, the thermal energy from the used air can be taken and used to heat the fresh incoming air. Basically as a heat pump, it recycles 80% of the thermal energy from the air.

MVHR systems do require servicing as all equipment such as filters and fans must be kept clean to ensure effective operation and boost.

Our service checks on these systems are listed below:

  • Internal Clean
  • Filters Cleaned
  • Filters Exchanged
  • Air Volumes Checked
  • Condensate Drain Checked

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Heat Pumps

Registered as an MCS company we have knowledge in the installation and servicing of ground and air source heat pumps. Our engineers are fully trained in Mitsubishi Ecodan technology and we are also experienced in maintaining the following systems:

• Mitsubishi
• Daiken
• Nibe
• Worcester

To ensure long service life and continued efficient running of your heat pump, we recommend that all types of heat pumps are checked and serviced, annually.

Give yourself confidence that your heat pump system can be looked after in years to come and book your annual yearly service with us.
Service requirements are dependent on the type of heat pump installed. Air source heat pumps may look like there is very little to maintain, but there are many things to check to ensure the heat pump performs optimally.

For example checks that we perform are as follows: if the fan is free from any obstructions, check electrical supply connections, check water connections, heating system pressure checks, alarm log, etc. Ground source heat pumps have the addition of ground loops or bore holes that need checking as well.

For example on the brine system, check the particle filter, is there suitable anti-freeze protection, level vessel check, expansion vessel check, brine temperatures, etc.

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Rain Water Harvesting


As any other appliances, rainwater harvesting systems benefit from periodic care and maintenance to ensure years of trouble free service.

Servicing will ensure that the water recycling system is operating effectively and efficiently and prolong the lifespan of the rain system components. Failure to maintain the rain water system will lead to a loss of system efficiency. Once the filters are completely blocked, instead of using rain water the system will divert to mains water – and so you will be paying more in water bills when you could be reusing rainwater for free.

Below are the service checks our engineers carry out on rainwater systems:

System component Operation Notes
Gutters/downpipes Inspection/ Maintenance Check that there are no leaks or blockages due to buildup of debris; clean the gutters if necessary
Filter Inspection/ Maintenance Check the condition of the filter and clean, if necessary
Storage tank/cistern Inspection Check that there are no leaks, that there has been no buildup of debris and that the tank is stable and the cover correctly fitted
Pumps and pump control Inspection/ Maintenance Check that there are no leaks and that there has been no corrosion; carry out a test run; check the gas charge within the expansion vessel or shock arrestors
Back-up water supply Inspection Check that the back-up supply is functioning correctly, that there are no leaks and that the air gaps are maintained
Wiring Inspection Visually check that the wiring is electrically safe
Pipework Inspection Check that there and no leaks, that the pipes are watertight and that overflows are clear
Markings Inspection Check that warning notices and pipework identification are correct and in place


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