Hot Water Cylinders

Unvented Hot Water Systems (Cylinders)

Did you know that unvented hot water cylinders need to be serviced annually?

Unvented hot water systems are fed directly from the cold water mains supply and offer a number of performance benefits compared to conventional hot water systems. These include higher pressure, faster filling baths, more powerful showers, better flow rates at all hot taps and balanced hot and cold water. There are important pressure and temperature safety controls to test and check, including Filter checks

To install service or repair unvented hot water cylinders the engineer must be qualified and hold an unvented licence. Our engineers have the necessary skills and licences as required by law.

We offer 50% off our unvented cylinder services with any Heating Service you book with us. Please refer to our service page.

Hot Water Cylinder Service:  £60.00 per annum (50% discount if undertaken with any service)


Manufactures recommend that unvented water heaters are serviced once each year and that a record of this service is kept close to the water tank. If you would like to discuss a one-off or annual service agreement for your water heater please email us or complete the form:

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