Gas & Oil Boilers


Carrying out a regular service of your boiler is very important; this ensures the boiler is working safely and to the specifications of the boiler manufactures. This will guarantee your boiler works efficiently and will assist to reduce the running cost of your appliance and protect your manufactures warranty.

Gas Safety information

Our service costs are very competitive and cover a full system check and boiler service including the following points:

  • Full check on gas/oil pipework
  • Full check on gas/oil connections
  • Full check for gas/oil and water leaks on appliance
  • Full check on appliance operating gas/oil pressures
  • Check all safety devices on appliance
  • Entire flue inspection for defects
  • CPA test with print out
  • Check of burners and injectors
  • Cleaning the heat exchanger if required
  • Check ignition and safety probes
  • Examine all electrics
  • Test of all controls
  • All seals inspected for your safety
  • Fan speeds checked
  • Location of boiler and terminal
  • Stability of the boiler
  • Check heating system water quality.

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